About Arctic Business Network

Arctic Business Network is a network of companies focused on the Arctic and the North Atlantic region. Through the network corporate arctic skills are strengthened by sharing the latest knowledge and inspiration for new business ideas in the Arctic.

The network has a special focus on Greenland. A large part of the member companies has a longstanding commitment in Greenland. Other members are companies that have Arctic and/or the North Atlantic region as part of their strategic plans.

Common to member companies is that they want to be part of a forum, continuously informed about the latest trends and events from around the Arctic region's business community and the network meetings provide new opportunities to establish and maintain business relations.

Which areas are we working with:

Raw Materials

Developments in the mining area for possible future subcontracting.


Developments in the production of Greenlandic food.

Arctic Construction Methods

The development of an Arctic style of building, which holds sustainable approaches in construction and use of building materials adapted to Arctic conditions.

Arctic skills/Cooperation

A management instrument for further collaborations, export opportunities and business areas.

Arctic waste and resource recycling

The Network Group for Waste and Recycling Resources has a strong focus on the environment and circular economy.




The Board

Arctic Business Network is managed by the board. The board is a mix of leaders from the company members from Greenland and Denmark. The board meets frequently to discuss/debate the latest events and developing possibilities.

ABN holds an annual general meeting, where all members are invited to participate. The goal for the annual general meeting is to be held alternately in Greenland and Denmark.

Chairman Henrik Rafn

CEO, A/S Boligselskabet INI.
Member of the board since 2014.

M: hera@ini.gl
T: +299 545477


Vice Chairman Søren Søe-Larsen

CEO, Lundsøe A/S
Member of the board since 2020

M: soren@lundsoe.dk 
T: +45 4037 0233


Boardmember Jens K Lyberth

Director of Corporate Relations & HR, ROYAL GREENLAND A/S.
Member of the board since 2016.

M: jely@royalgreenland.com
T: +299 36 1300


Boardmember Hans Bak

Owner and Director, Up Front Communication
Member of the board since 2020

M: hans.bak@mail.com
T: +45 6035 4501

Boardmember Linn Indrestrand

Project developer, Port of Hirthals
Member of the board since 2021

M: li@hirtshalshavn.dk
T: +45 2849 7445