Business Network For Arctic Stakeholders

Arctic Business Network is a corporate network group of 50 Greenlandic and Danish companies, organizations and institutions working with expertise in remote areas in the Arctic and the North Atlantic region - some for more than 40 years.

In the network, members are given the opportunity to promote and marked their company while contributing with several competences to the network:

• Knowledge sharing        • Business relationships and network       • News & Events

• Inspiration                       • Business development                          • Building arctic skills

Why network?

Doing business in the Arctic can be a challenge, but geography should be no obstacle.

But these challenges also create growth, knowledge and welfare. This is the foundation for Arctic Business Network - a network of companies that is strongly founded and active in the Arctic communities in Greenland and in the North Atlantic with the sole aim of creating development and growth.

Today, the Arctic Business Network counts 50 companies and business partners who share knowledge, inspiration and skills to benefit the transatlantic business environment. The network is open to anyone who wants to be part of that process. We have something to offer to all companies that can and will contribute to Arctic growth.

Most members of the Arctic Business Network are headquartered in Denmark and Greenland, but the network does not make geographical membership requirements. 


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